Below are specific questions about curling at the Banff Curling Club, and general information about the Olympic sport of curling.  If you find that we have not answered your questions, please contact us.

General Questions

  • Does curling require a high level of fitness?
    No, it does not.  Through curling you may increase your fitness level, curling itself does not require a high fitness level to start.  It’s suitable for all shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness.
  • I have never curled before. How can I try the sport?
    You can come out to one of our Learn to Curl nights to learn the basics and give it a try!  You may also like to browse the Canadian Curling Association’s website for further resources.
  • Where can I buy curling equipment?
    You may purchase equipment by contacting the Banff Curling Club, from any other pro shop setup within a curling club, or Canadian Tire for select products.  For online purchases, visit any of these top vendors: Balance Plus, Goldline, Asham, or Olson.
  • What clothes and equipment do I need?
    Loose fitting or stretchy pants, warm socks, clean running shoes or curling shoes, warm upper layers and mitts or gloves. The Banff Curling Club offers broom, slider and grippers for rent.

Youth Curling Program

  • What can I expect when my child joins the youth program?
    You can expect that your child will be provided sound safety instructions and orientation of the sport before stepping onto the ice. Our trained and seasoned coaches will facilitate lessons in technique, strategy, and game-play. Your child will then have a chance to break off with others into small teams and participate in a short game. Curling is a great alternative to other winter sports, and is an excellent tool for learning practical life-lessons and making friends.

 Questions About BCC Leagues and Practice Ice

  • How do I cancel and reschedule?
    Contact your league convenor and opposing team.
  • What about “no shows” or late arrivals?
    To be confirmed.
  • How do I book a sheet for practice?
    Contact the Banff Curling Club at banffcurling@gmail.com for availability.
  • Which league should I join?
    We have a league fit for every age and level of experience: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Night Open Leagues, Wednesday Junior Club and Half-Day Fridays for Students. 


  • Does the club host bonspiels?
    Yes.  The Banff Curling Club host a wide range of bonspiels throughout the curling season.  For registration and more information, please see our Bonspiels page.  If you would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you!
  • What external events does the club host?
    The Club has the pleasure of also hosting several private events booked by The Town of Banff and external bonspiels.  To book your own private event, please contact rentals@banff.ca
  • How do I play in an event outside the club?
    If you have a team and would like to participate in a bonspiel outside of the Banff Curling Club, visit the Southern Alberta Curling Association for a list of events.